Learning Innovation Group – a place for learning and innovation?

[:en] Being part of the SALT (Swansea Academy for Learning and Teaching) team at Swansea University has its perks, some more obvious than others. Having attended a meeting of the Learning Innovation Group (LIG) yesterday, I was reminded of some of the reasons I love the job that I do.  I’ll admit, I’m not aContinue reading “Learning Innovation Group – a place for learning and innovation?”

[:en]Reflections of ALTc[:]

[:en] This September Debbie Baff, Simon Gibbon and I (Mandy Jack) attended this year’s annual ALT (Association for Learning Technology) conference which is the UK’s main learning technology conference. See our reflections on the SALT Blog.  This year the conference was held at the University of Warwick Campus and the theme was called: Connect, Collaborate,Continue reading “[:en]Reflections of ALTc[:]”

Getting Started with Xerte – TEL Month

[:en] Today’s session on Xerte was a combined event.  Nicole Chartier, from the Academic Success Programme, and a student on the PGCert here at Swansea, gave a demonstration of a Xerte Learning Object that she had created as part of one of her assignments. This worked really well, as Nicole was able to show aContinue reading “Getting Started with Xerte – TEL Month”

[:en]September IT Month 2016 – Enhancing Teaching, Learning and Assessment[:]

[:en]From September 8th through to October 7th there’s a comprehensive and exciting array of lunch-time seminars available to help staff at Swansea Make One Change, and have a go at using some technology to enhance your approach to learning, teaching or assessment and supporting student engagement. Have a look at what’s on offer! The sessionsContinue reading “[:en]September IT Month 2016 – Enhancing Teaching, Learning and Assessment[:]”

[:en]Group-work or working in a group?[:]

[:en]Here is Mandy Jack abseiling off the top of Kilvey Hall of residence, behind Fulton House. She was part of the ISS team Book drop fundraising for SOS Africa. Video and images by Deb Baff Not exactly the type of group work we would normally be writing about here in SALT.  However, it is aContinue reading “[:en]Group-work or working in a group?[:]”

Learning Technology and Innovation

I recently attended a conference run by National Training Resources Limited on the subject of Learning Technology and Innovation.  One of the primary reasons for attending was to try and glean ideas for developing some purely online courses as part of the Work Based Learning Project in Engineering, but also with an additional SALT hatContinue reading “Learning Technology and Innovation”

Research in Learning Technology now open access

Research in Learning Technology is the journal of the Association for Learning Technology and is now open access so that access, including back issues, is now available free of charge. The journal aims to raise the profile of research in learning technology, encouraging research that informs good practice and contributes to the development of policy.Continue reading “Research in Learning Technology now open access”

Trumpet Blowing

At the risk of being accused of a self-publicising narcissist, may I nonetheless mention two e-Learning related posts from my Blog Fresh and Crispy. My First Pencast demonstrates a learning object that I created using a Livescribe Echo smart pen. Screencasting for Lecture Capture reports on my experiment in creating almost no-effort learning objects live in my lecturesContinue reading “Trumpet Blowing”

Effective Assessment in a Digital Age Workshops

Effective Assessment in a Digital Age WorkshopsFrom challenge to change… Using principles of good practice, work with colleagues towards an effective model for the use of technology in assessment and feedback. A series of free workshops based around the JISC Effective Assessment in a Digital Age publication http://www.jisc.ac.uk/digiassess and associated online resources http://www.jisc.ac.uk/assessresource will takeContinue reading “Effective Assessment in a Digital Age Workshops”