Trumpet Blowing

At the risk of being accused of a self-publicising narcissist, may I nonetheless mention two e-Learning related posts from my Blog Fresh and Crispy. My First Pencast demonstrates a learning object that I created using a Livescribe Echo smart pen. Screencasting for Lecture Capture reports on my experiment in creating almost no-effort learning objects live in my lecturesContinue reading “Trumpet Blowing”

Rethinking Education

Michael Wesch has been very influential in framing the debate around e-learning. I first came across him via his video The Machine is Using Us, published in March 2007, and I still use it as an introduction to my Level 1 lab course on Practical Internet Technology. It has 1,358,994 views on YouTube. His second,Continue reading “Rethinking Education”

Nexus at Aberystwyth

Our friends at @rscwales have today re-tweeted Mary Jacob’s (@msjacob) announcement of new case studies in technology enhanced learning (TEL) hosted on the Aberystwyth University Nexus site ( On an initial scan, I was particularly taken with Grade Centre for electronic learning portfolios by Ayla Göl because I believe that Blackboard’s grade centre is aContinue reading “Nexus at Aberystwyth”

Wolfram Releases Course Assistant Apps

Stephen Wolfram has recently announced the availability of the first of a planned series of “course assistant” apps: An App for Every Course, and More. These apps, which are powered by Wolfram|Alpha and cost $1.99 (£1.19) for Algebra and Music Theory and $2.99 (£1.79) for Calculus, have the potential to allowing students and teachers toContinue reading “Wolfram Releases Course Assistant Apps”

Confessions of a Converted Lecturer: Eric Mazur

Last week, Paul Lattreille lead a SALT Seminar on Teaching Large Groups. I’m hoping someone from this community will report on that session in more detail, but as an appetizer here’s a talk by Harvard Physics Professor Eric Mazur, that gives some justification for one of the ideas, Peer Instruction, that Paul shared with us onContinue reading “Confessions of a Converted Lecturer: Eric Mazur”

Nuggets from JISC Innovating e-Learning Conference 2010: #3 ALLÉ

The Anytime Learning Literacies Environment (ALLÉ) has produced an interesting set of digital literacy resources that take the form of learning journeys through Tools for Learning, Using Libraries, and Academic Studies. These prototypes are being used with first-year business studies students in an embedded form at Thames Valley University and as a supporting resource atContinue reading “Nuggets from JISC Innovating e-Learning Conference 2010: #3 ALLÉ”

Nuggets from JISC Innovating e-Learning Conference 2010: #2 JISC OER infoKit

Enjoy this nice video by Doug Belshaw that introduces the The Open Educational Resources infoKit. Something for everyone from the Pro VC Student Learning Experience to those of us on the chalkface I think. It even touches on the issue of IPR. Great stuff.

Nuggets from JISC Innovating e-Learning Conference 2010: #1 Xpert and Xpert Attribution

Along with the other Chris (Hall), I’ll be attending the 2010 Online Conference JISC Innovating e-Learning Conference 2010. Unfortunately, as a paid conference, the materials, session recordings and discussions will not be available to the public until the new year but I thought that I’d nonetheless post links or comments on anything of interest thatContinue reading “Nuggets from JISC Innovating e-Learning Conference 2010: #1 Xpert and Xpert Attribution”

Play Learning Tool Bingo!

Jane Hart’s Centre for Performance and Learning Technologies (C4PLT) has just published the final list of the top 100 learning tools for 2010. The list is nicely presented on Slideshare (up two places to number 5 from last year’s number 7) and I’ve embedded it here. Top100 Tools for Learning 2010 View more presentations fromContinue reading “Play Learning Tool Bingo!”

JISC Digital Media on e-Learning Stuff

My first Podcast of the Week over in Fresh and Crispy was James Clay’s e-Learning Stuff. The latest episode (episode 61) is a small gem in which ILT & Learning Resources Manager at Gloucestershire College James Clay interviews Zak Mensah of JISC Digital Media about ten new advice publications that have recently been made available onContinue reading “JISC Digital Media on e-Learning Stuff”