Guest Post: Dr Patricia Xavier – Critical Pedagogy

This week I spoke about the discrimination I’ve experienced as a female engineer to my (overwhelmingly white and male) engineering students. I also spoke about what I’ve witnessed in terms of racism and ableism in the sector, and the evidence of this in everyday engineering design. I’ve also worked this into part of their assessmentContinue reading “Guest Post: Dr Patricia Xavier – Critical Pedagogy”

Critical Pedagogy Community of Practice

[:en]The past year has brought discussions about equality, diversity and inclusion to the forefront in an abrupt and painful way. From discussions about student digital poverty in blended learning, to confronting structural racism in UK society as a response to the Black Lives Matter movement, these issues (always present) now seem closer to the surfaceContinue reading “Critical Pedagogy Community of Practice”

[:en]Rob Teacher? Robo Student?[:]

[:en]I’m a bit late to this as it launched at the beginning of the year but it was highlighted in a JISC post from Matt Ramirez (@Jisc_AR) about Virtual Reality We’ve seen QR codes and Aurasma but this is much more Robo cop. The video below shows a case study of the DAQRI smart helmetContinue reading “[:en]Rob Teacher? Robo Student?[:]”

Open? Educational?

OER (Open Educational Resources) 2015 took place at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama on 14th and 15th April in a very sunny Cardiff. The question of the conference was “What does it take to move OER into to the mainstream?” Introductory Video After the usual interminable welcomes we got Cable Green’sContinue reading “Open? Educational?”

Why should I care…… and biscuits

Unlike HELF, which I am new to, I have been a member of the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) for over 10 years. The LPI is “a global Institute for Learning & Development professionals. Established in 1995 the Institute has grown on an annual basis to become the leading authority on Learning & Development.” AContinue reading “Why should I care…… and biscuits”

Teaching is more than a job. It's a responsibility.

“Teaching is more than a job. It’s a responsibility—one of the greatest responsibilities in civilized society. Teachers lay bare the mysteries of the world to us. They train our minds to explore, to question, to investigate, to discover. They ensure that knowledge is not lost or forgotten but is instead passed on to future generations.Continue reading “Teaching is more than a job. It's a responsibility.”

It’s Wednesday so it must be Bristol……

It’s Wednesday so it must be Bristol and the Heads of E-Learning Forum or Helf as its known to its friends. Helf according to its website is, ‘a network of senior staff in institutions engaged in promoting, supporting and developing technology enhanced learning. We have over 125 nominated Heads from UK Higher Education institutions andContinue reading “It’s Wednesday so it must be Bristol……”