September Events..whats on this week?

[:en]This week’s SaltIT sessions begin tomorrow (Tuesday 29th) with Stuart Henderson as he explains about using the on-line marking and feedback tool, Grademark.   Stuart will show you how to edit and mark student’s work online with GradeMark®. You can use GradeMark to grade student’s written work (i.e. papers, essays, thesis, powerpoint files), non-written workContinue reading “September Events..whats on this week?”

Turnitin User Group, 16 June 2014

You could do worse than abbrieviate the Turnitin User Group meeting to the TUG meeting, suggesting a slow boat that is finally pulling in the right direction. Whilst some might say some of these changes are overdue, I did leave this session with the impression that Turnitin are truely trying to answer the issues thatContinue reading “Turnitin User Group, 16 June 2014”