[:en]Collaboration with Google Drive[:]

[:en] Most of us are quite familiar with Google as a search engine, and have probably even used the proper noun, Google, as a verb, if you don’t know it ‘google it’! However, Google offers an equally impressive set of tools that allow the user to “create, share, and edit” documents. Google Drive is a… Continue reading [:en]Collaboration with Google Drive[:]

[:en]Live stream for September IT Events[:]

[:en]Remember that if you can’t attend the Make one Change Events for September ‘Making IT Resources Work for Your Students’, you can always watch the live stream which will be posted daily here on the blog and on our Twitter feed #susaltit #susaltlive. You can participate from your desk by using the Twitter feed #susaltlive to ask questions during the session. You… Continue reading [:en]Live stream for September IT Events[:]