[:en]Using Online Interactive Tools for Engagement[:]

[:en] Questions & Quizzes Using online tools for learning and teaching has been something that many of us have explored, or ignored, for years. You can waste many precious hours (and lose the will to live) testing and evaluating tools until you are so confused you don’t know which button to press next. Debbie Baff… Continue reading [:en]Using Online Interactive Tools for Engagement[:]

[:en]Let the pictures do the talking[:]

[:en]As part of SALT’s September IT activities Lleisiau Bach yn Galw Allan/Little Voices Shouting Out @lleisiaubach had the pleasure to deliver a session on Using Infographics in Education Lleisiau Bach/Little Voices provides support for children and young people to carry out research within the framework of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child,… Continue reading [:en]Let the pictures do the talking[:]

[:en]IT Month update – Blended Learning and Making E-lectures[:]

[:en]Today’s session was a very interesting presentation and workshop from Paul Holland and Rhian Kerton called Blended Learning and Making E-lectures. Paul attended last year’s IT month sessions and particularly enjoyed the session on Campus Pack where he was inspired to develop his Blackboard lecture material. Together the pair has developed a range of material… Continue reading [:en]IT Month update – Blended Learning and Making E-lectures[:]

[:en]So what is Campus Pack?[:]

[:en]In today’s session we explored Campus Pack which is held on Blackboard. You can find the applications under Tools in any Module Content area so if you haven’t already done so, have a play. So what is Campus Pack? Campus Pack is a set of social tools (wikis, blogs, journals, podcasts, and discussion boards) that can be integrated… Continue reading [:en]So what is Campus Pack?[:]

[:en]Twitter for student engagement[:]

[:en] CCBY It’s sometimes tempting to dismiss Twitter as a place for Justin Bieber to share what he had for breakfast. It can, though, be so much more than that. Some of you may already be using Twitter to connect with colleagues, organisations and professionals in your field, to support your CPD and stay up-to-date… Continue reading [:en]Twitter for student engagement[:]

[:en]What’s in a name?[:]

[:en]  Are you bemused by acronyms and unknown software names? Wondering what on earth that list of sessions available as part of SALT IT month mean? I’m not a learning technologist, and was initially bemused by the names that my colleagues seemed to be familiar with. Delicious, Diigo, Padlet, E-stream. What language were these people speaking? Klingon?… Continue reading [:en]What’s in a name?[:]

[:en]What’s on this week?[:]

[:en]This week’s SaltIT sessions begin tomorrow with Patricia Xavier as she shows how to turn mobile phones from distraction to attraction in your lectures. The session is to be based on the Salt conference session Using student devices to enhance engagement. If you would like to attend, you will need to bring a device to… Continue reading [:en]What’s on this week?[:]

[:en]Collaboration with Google Drive[:]

[:en] Most of us are quite familiar with Google as a search engine, and have probably even used the proper noun, Google, as a verb, if you don’t know it ‘google it’! However, Google offers an equally impressive set of tools that allow the user to “create, share, and edit” documents. Google Drive is a… Continue reading [:en]Collaboration with Google Drive[:]