[:en]IT Month update – Blended Learning and Making E-lectures[:]

[:en]Today’s session was a very interesting presentation and workshop from Paul Holland and Rhian Kerton called Blended Learning and Making E-lectures. Paul attended last year’s IT month sessions and particularly enjoyed the session on Campus Pack where he was inspired to develop his Blackboard lecture material. Together the pair has developed a range of materialContinue reading “[:en]IT Month update – Blended Learning and Making E-lectures[:]”

Twelve Technology Tools for Teaching

[:en] Tue 8 September SALT’s Top 10 online applications – we will send a list of our personal favourites, generated from Jane Hart’s 2014 the Top 100 Tools for Learning. The following tools are those that will help you get organised for your lectures as painlessly as possible, providing the best opportunities for student engagement. WedContinue reading “Twelve Technology Tools for Teaching”