Inspiration from others | Ysbrydoliaeth gan Eraill

I attended the University of Edinburgh Learning and Teaching conference on 15th June. They opened their first day to outsiders which was a nice taster of what was to come over the three-day event. Opened by their dignitaries, to be expected, which was interesting and heartening to hear the similarities in our institutions over theContinue reading “Inspiration from others | Ysbrydoliaeth gan Eraill”


[:en]By Rhian Ellis, Academic Developer, SALT. Active Learning in Higher Education    This blog is about active learning and its growing importance in Higher Education. It’s also a great opportunity to offer my insight from the SALT ‘7Cs’ January workshop led by Dr. Patricia Xavier from Swansea University’s College of Engineering, ‘Dynamism, conversation and challenge: using active learningContinue reading “[:en]GETTING ACTIVE![:cy]BOD YN WEITHREDOL! [:]”