Improving Student’s Confidence

[:en]I recently came across a blog post on the HEA website written by Fabio R. Aricò ( You can read the full post here: When student confidence clicks academic self-efficacy and learning in higher education. The post refers to a project that was delivered at the HEA Social Sciences annual conference 2014. The aim ofContinue reading “Improving Student’s Confidence”

[:en]New Year’s Resolutions[:]

[:en]The New Year is a time for making promises (some of which last longer than others) to yourself about improvements you can make to your life. Here at SALT we decided to share our Make One Change New Year’s resolutions, in the hopes that some of them may be useful to our readers. Please letContinue reading “[:en]New Year’s Resolutions[:]”

[:en]SALT Student Intern[:]

[:en]MA Modern History Student and SALT Student Intern Isabel Costello talks about her time at Swansea Academy of Learning & Teaching . As I am approaching the end of my contract at SALT Chris Hall (aka the boss man) has asked me to write a blog about my time in the Academy…hopefully it won’t bore!Continue reading “[:en]SALT Student Intern[:]”