[:en]TEL CPD Week – The Story Continues! [:cy]Wythnos TEL DPP – Mae’r stori’n Parhau'[:]

[:en] May 13th-17th 2019 was TEL CPD week at SALT. For the first time, we offered three ways to learn more about the pedagogical benefits of technology enhanced learning, in the space of one week: – TELTALKS19 – a programme of live online talks, using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra TEL Tools and Types of Learning PadletContinue reading “[:en]TEL CPD Week – The Story Continues! [:cy]Wythnos TEL DPP – Mae’r stori’n Parhau'[:]”


[:en]By Rhian Ellis, Academic Developer, SALT. Active Learning in Higher Education    This blog is about active learning and its growing importance in Higher Education. It’s also a great opportunity to offer my insight from the SALT ‘7Cs’ January workshop led by Dr. Patricia Xavier from Swansea University’s College of Engineering, ‘Dynamism, conversation and challenge: using active learningContinue reading “[:en]GETTING ACTIVE![:cy]BOD YN WEITHREDOL! [:]”

[:en]Teaching Enhancement Seminar[:]

[:en]In case you are unaware, SALT and the School of Management have arranged a Teaching Enhancement Seminar.  The seminar entitled Interventions in Summative Examinations is lead by Dr. Geertje van Keulen. Dr van Keulen is an Associate Professor in Swansea University Medical School and the Lead-Organiser of Soapbox Science Swansea. Dr. van Keulen will be coming toContinue reading “[:en]Teaching Enhancement Seminar[:]”

[:en]Intro to Blackboard session 9th September 2015[:]

[:en] Having spent most of the previous week fretting and being unreasonable to friends and family due to nerves at the prospect of being streamed live to the Universe University (it just felt like the Universe), this was actually OK ! I forgot a few things, I said a few things wrong and had toContinue reading “[:en]Intro to Blackboard session 9th September 2015[:]”

SALT’s Top Ten Tools

[:en]Every year Jane Hart (http://janehart.com ), founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies, compiles the Top 100 Tools for Learning. The 2014 Annual Learning Tools Survey comprised votes from 1038 learning professionals across 61 countries. (2015 survey closes on 18th September 2015 http://c4lpt.co.uk/top100tools/voting/). So to kick off our technology for teaching month eachContinue reading “SALT’s Top Ten Tools”