[:en]TEL CPD Week – The Story Continues! [:cy]Wythnos TEL DPP – Mae’r stori’n Parhau'[:]

[:en] May 13th-17th 2019 was TEL CPD week at SALT. For the first time, we offered three ways to learn more about the pedagogical benefits of technology enhanced learning, in the space of one week: – TELTALKS19 – a programme of live online talks, using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra TEL Tools and Types of Learning PadletContinue reading “[:en]TEL CPD Week – The Story Continues! [:cy]Wythnos TEL DPP – Mae’r stori’n Parhau'[:]”

[:en]Lightboard – teaching innovation at its best[:]

[:en] SALT Seminar: Lightboard in Engineering I attended the first seminar of the SALT series ‘7 characteristics of a Good University Teacher’ delivered by Dr Richard Cobley and Dr Karin Ennser. This was an inspirational session to show how the Lightboard has been used for developing high quality teaching material. What is Lightboard ? TheContinue reading “[:en]Lightboard – teaching innovation at its best[:]”

[:en]Looking for inspiration in your teaching?[:]

[:en]A while ago, I came across a website (via twitter, incidentally) called Learning Wheel.  This particular site is a community site where you can collaborate and share resources or technology that can be used to enhance your teaching or professional development. Each wheel is split into 4 sections and each section has a series ofContinue reading “[:en]Looking for inspiration in your teaching?[:]”

[:en]College of Engineering built Lightboard[:]

[:en]Today Matthew and I dropped in to see the launch of a Lightboard built by a group of undergraduate electrical students from the College of Engineering. “A lightboard is a glass chalkboard pumped full of light. It’s for recording video lecture topics, you face towards your viewers, and your writing glows in front of you”Continue reading “[:en]College of Engineering built Lightboard[:]”

Learning Technology and Innovation

I recently attended a conference run by National Training Resources Limited on the subject of Learning Technology and Innovation.  One of the primary reasons for attending was to try and glean ideas for developing some purely online courses as part of the Work Based Learning Project in Engineering, but also with an additional SALT hatContinue reading “Learning Technology and Innovation”