[:en]A day in the life of the LGBT+ officer[:cy]Diwrnod ym mywyd swyddog LHDT+[:]

[:en] As the (open place) officer I work with students and staff to improve equality, diversity, and LGBT+ representation. Alongside this I am also in the process of completing my PhD in Economics, researching the role of sexual orientation in the economy. Recently I was honoured to have earned my inclusivity badge due to theContinue reading “[:en]A day in the life of the LGBT+ officer[:cy]Diwrnod ym mywyd swyddog LHDT+[:]”

[:en]The Gift of Inclusivity[:]

[:en] What did you get for Christmas? Among all the shoes, books, hand knitted jumpers, umbrellas and chocolates, I received one gift just before Christmas that was very different from all the others. I was asked if I would be happy to receive an inclusivity badge from the University. This is a real honour andContinue reading “[:en]The Gift of Inclusivity[:]”

SAILS Community of Practice for staff supporting students with disabilities

[:en]I recently attended a SAILS community of practice meeting for staff supporting students with disabilities. I attend these meeting regularly, and they are open to all staff interested in developing a more inclusive practice. I attend not only for my own CPD, but also to offer any support that I feel that we here atContinue reading “SAILS Community of Practice for staff supporting students with disabilities”

[:en]Ada Lovelace Day – Reflection and Inclusivity links[:]

[:en]Reflections on ‘Ada Lovelace Day’ – Implications for ‘Inclusivity’ in Learning and Teaching.  It was my pleasure to attend this year’s Ada Lovelace Day event on October 12th at Swansea University, along with my SALT colleague Jacqui Neale.  The event featured the keynote speaker Professor Joy Merrell from the College of Human and Health Sciences,Continue reading “[:en]Ada Lovelace Day – Reflection and Inclusivity links[:]”

[:en]Looking for inspiration in your teaching?[:]

[:en]A while ago, I came across a website (via twitter, incidentally) called Learning Wheel.  This particular site is a community site where you can collaborate and share resources or technology that can be used to enhance your teaching or professional development. Each wheel is split into 4 sections and each section has a series ofContinue reading “[:en]Looking for inspiration in your teaching?[:]”

[:en]Inclusivity CPD[:cy]DPP (Datblygiad Proffesiynol Parhaus) Cynwysoldeb[:]

[:en]SALT would like to welcome you to our first CPD Byte. We have created a Blackboard course called CPD Inclusivity which is designed to help all teaching and support staff to develop a more inclusive approach to their role. The course contains lots of information about your obligations in terms of the law and SwanseaContinue reading “[:en]Inclusivity CPD[:cy]DPP (Datblygiad Proffesiynol Parhaus) Cynwysoldeb[:]”