[:en]So what is Campus Pack?[:]

[:en]In today’s session we explored Campus Pack which is held on Blackboard. You can find the applications under Tools in any Module Content area so if you haven’t already done so, have a play. So what is Campus Pack? Campus Pack is a set of social tools (wikis, blogs, journals, podcasts, and discussion boards) that can be integratedContinue reading “[:en]So what is Campus Pack?[:]”

[:en]Intro to Blackboard session 9th September 2015[:]

[:en] Having spent most of the previous week fretting and being unreasonable to friends and family due to nerves at the prospect of being streamed live to the Universe University (it just felt like the Universe), this was actually OK ! I forgot a few things, I said a few things wrong and had toContinue reading “[:en]Intro to Blackboard session 9th September 2015[:]”