Getting Started with Xerte – TEL Month

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Today’s session on Xerte was a combined event.  Nicole Chartier, from the Academic Success Programme, and a student on the PGCert here at Swansea, gave a demonstration of a Xerte Learning Object that she had created as part of one of her assignments.

This worked really well, as Nicole was able to show a variety of interactions, and was able to link it back to how her students would use the finished object.

I was able to use the first part of the session to create accounts for each of the people attending the session, and we were able to demonstrate how Xerte works, with a hands on second hour so that all the participants were able to practice what they had seen and look at the available features within Xerte.

Information about Xerte Online Toolkits can be found here, and to get an account, please contact Helen Davies in SALT[:]

Getting Dirty with Xerte

[:en]Having returned from leave to be greeted with “You have the most popular session of the month”, suffice to say I was rather nervous!

However, after 7 months of blood, sweat and tears, Xerte is finally up and running here in Swansea.  The purpose of today’s session was to explain what Xerte is, what it does and why it is useful to staff in their teaching.

In short, it has accessibility features aplenty, it has scope for collaboration, sharing and peer review and it has a vast range of multimedia options available.  Not to mention that it allows for flipping the classroom, formative assessment in the form of basic quizzes.

The session also outlined some of the training sessions that we will be running, both on the Park and Bay campuses.

I hope that the people who attended the session and who watched it via live streaming saw enough to whet their appetites, and are interested in following it up.

The following link will take you to a PDF of the presentation that I used today, complete with speaker notes.  To view the speaker notes, simply click on the “Comments” button to the right of your PDF Reader

Xerte presentation

Page Types presentation from Nottingham University[:]