Changing the Learning Lab

Since the formation of SALT the question has arisen as to what sort of web presence it should have. A static information site? A community driven site? Part of the main university site? How does this debate impact on the Learning Lab? Should all learning and teaching support be in one place? How do weContinue reading “Changing the Learning Lab”

Adding a Wiki to Blackboard and Jing!

In today’s excellent lunch-and-lean session, Matthew Allen told us how to take the fear out of e-learning by thinking about how traditional teaching methods may be enhanced by technology. In other words, we should regard e-learning is a means to an end, and not the end itself. These insights are worthy of wider dissemination, butContinue reading “Adding a Wiki to Blackboard and Jing!”

Old Tools for the New Web #1: Sun Wiki Publisher

Just spotted on is this announcement of an extension from Sun Microsystems that allows you to edit a MediaWiki page from within OpenOffice. MediaWiki is one of the most powerful wiki tools available (it powers Wikipedia) but it also has the most complex syntax. Because it works like a word processor, the Sun WikiContinue reading “Old Tools for the New Web #1: Sun Wiki Publisher”