Computable Document Format

I often found teaching some things quite physically labour intensive. Basic graph theory was one and some aspects of statistics. Bits of physics had their moments too. For example, with the basic graph theory, it was good to show how graphs changed as the variables in the function that created them changed. It usually requiredContinue reading “Computable Document Format”

Be a Sharp Nosed Scholar !

Are you regretting your choice of academic discipline ? Is being a Professor of Economics* just not all you thought it was going to be and you’re wishing you’d followed your alternative dream of studying papyri in the shade of the shifting dunes on the west bank of the Nile, under the watchful eye ofContinue reading “Be a Sharp Nosed Scholar !”

Changing the Learning Lab

Since the formation of SALT the question has arisen as to what sort of web presence it should have. A static information site? A community driven site? Part of the main university site? How does this debate impact on the Learning Lab? Should all learning and teaching support be in one place? How do weContinue reading “Changing the Learning Lab”

Move over Audacity?

Well not really because Audacity is a powerful audio editor but for making podcasts quickly and easily? Maybe? I’ve been having a play with Myna from a Aviary, which I picked up from Free Technology for Teachers. It’s pretty straight forward to use and is web based so that you can use it anywhere withContinue reading “Move over Audacity?”

Learning Technologists Anonymous?

Many men and women have heard or read about the unique Fellowship called Learning Technologists Anonymous since its founding. People who once used learning technology to excess, finally acknowledged that they could not handle learning technology in its current form, and now live a new way of life. 1. We admitted we were powerless overContinue reading “Learning Technologists Anonymous?”

Something for the weekend!

Adding an announcement to one of my Blackboard sites with the new Google Chrome browser I noticed that the text area control has a grow-box feature. This enables you to drag a text area to make it bigger which is particularly useful if you have to enter a lot of text into one of theContinue reading “Something for the weekend!”

Google Chrome

A major development in e-learning technology this week was Google’s September 2nd announcement and simultaneous release of a new web browser called “chrome”. Chrome is the term used for the user interface (menu bar, toolbar, tabs) in the browser. A key design feature of Google Chrome is to minimize Chrome’s chrome to allow the webContinue reading “Google Chrome”

Distributed publishing: the movie

What I really wanted to blog about today – before I was attracted, like a magpie, to something else that was nice and shiny – was this video quoted by Tony Hirst from an original Abject Learning blog post “Quickie screencast – a distributed publishing framework…” by Brian Lamb of the University of British Columbia.Continue reading “Distributed publishing: the movie”

Changing Expectations

I discovered this video while following up on another bloggable item for today’s news! Made for a presentation from the Open University to some educational publishers, it says a lot about why “Web2.0” is important as a medium. The (brief) history of the movie recounted by Brian Lamb of Abject Learning (We can find whatContinue reading “Changing Expectations”