Looking Back, Facing Forward – 2018 New Year Blog

[:en]Here in SALT, we thought we’d take a leaf out of PVC Stringer’s book and work on some New Year’s resolutions ourselves.  Kicking off the blog posts is one of our newer team members, Rhian Ellis with her reflections on 2017 and what she’s hoping to achieve in 2018. What have I achieved? In SeptemberContinue reading “Looking Back, Facing Forward – 2018 New Year Blog”

How can I improve my skills in digital learning?

Next month, Monday January 15 – Friday January 19 2018 sees the launch of the annual BYOD4L CPD activities aimed at enhancing your own skills in using digital media and devices to support your own learning and that of your students. This is a great bitesize CPD opportunity, supporting more flexible professional learning in theContinue reading “How can I improve my skills in digital learning?”

[:en]What’s on this week as part of SALT’s IT Month?[:]

[:en]    SALT SEPTEMBER IT MONTH Jo Berry and Steve Beale start the month-long activities on Thursday September 8th showing how they’ve used Pebble+ as part of their teaching and student support. On Friday Sep 9th, learn from Philippa Price about how to use Twitter to engage with your students and for your own development.Continue reading “[:en]What’s on this week as part of SALT’s IT Month?[:]”

Anti-social behaviour ?

Learning technologists (the ones you read the blogs of) are an odd little group.  In some ways many of them provide a valuable service to all of us working with technology and learning but in other ways some of them only really serve as an emetic. There seem to be two things that learning technologistsContinue reading “Anti-social behaviour ?”

Twitter in a learning context – the downside observed at ALT-C 2010.

Today I attended one the invited paper sessions at the ALT-C 2010 conference, that is on at Nottingham at the moment, as a “virtual” delegate. While not there, I observed something that I think is worth reporting and reflecting on. I attended an invited session, which was being broadcast, via Elluminate, to the wider community.Continue reading “Twitter in a learning context – the downside observed at ALT-C 2010.”

Practical Advice for Teaching with Twitter

This interesting post from the Prof Hacker blog in the Chronicle of Higher Education discusses how you might use Twitter in your teaching. The assumption is that students will be expected to contribute to an ongoing class discussion, which might not be how you’d want to do things, but for all that it contains usefulContinue reading “Practical Advice for Teaching with Twitter”

Twitter Community List

If you visit the Swansea Learning Lab blog regularly, you may have noticed the Learning Lab on Twitter feature at the right (if you are reading this in a Feed reader, please visit the live blog page now!). At the moment this shows the top 4 “tweets” posted by @swanlearninglab and it is generated fromContinue reading “Twitter Community List”

The Twitter Experiment: Using Twitter in lectures

Dr. Rankin, professor of History at University of Texas, Dallas, wanted to know how to reach more students and involve more people in class discussions both in and out of the classroom. She had heard of Twitter… She collaborated with the UT Dallas, Arts and Technology – Emerging Media and Communications (EMAC) http://www.emac.utdallas.edu faculty.

Swansea Learning Lab is now on Twitter!

In order to try and make Swansea Learning Lab a bit more dynamic, we have set up an account for the Learning Lab on Twitter. If any of you are fellow twitterers, then please follow us @swanlearninglab or send messages to @swanlearninglab. We hope to tweet new tools, updates etc and will be focusing onContinue reading “Swansea Learning Lab is now on Twitter!”