A guide to disconnecting when needed…

We are all guilty of not being able to switch off from work sometimes. This can be even more so when we have apps such as Outlook and Teams downloaded on our mobile phones, notifying us every hour of the day, even on weekends. But what is this doing to our wellbeing? It is veryContinue reading “A guide to disconnecting when needed…”

Equipment for remote teaching

  Equipment for remote teaching When teaching online, recording videos, and communicating with students it is important to consider the audio and video quality to ensure that your instructional content is accessible to students in a consistent and high quality format. A good quality headset will block a lot of background noise and bring focusContinue reading “Equipment for remote teaching”

Teaching Online – series of 11 video episodes on YouTube

[:en]The Teaching Online series of episodes on YouTube shares 11 short videos (approx. 3mins each) presented by Dave Cormier. Dave Cormier is an educational activist, researcher and online community advocate. These videos serve as guiding principles for teaching online.[:]

Introduction to the series – Fast e-learning switch

[:en]First in a video series to help academic staff make the “fast switch to e-learning” in response to the challenges presented through this COVID-19 epidemic. This is an introduction to the approach in a series of videos …[:]