52etc – Toolkit for Student Engagement

[:en]Providing 52 different options for engaging students within your teaching session, whether that is online or face to face, these cards can be used individually and / or …[:]

Using Online Interactive Tools for Engagement

[:en] Questions & Quizzes Using online tools for learning and teaching has been something that many of us have explored, or ignored, for years. You can waste many precious hours (and lose the will to live) testing and evaluating tools until you are so confused you don’t know which button to press next. Debbie BaffContinue reading “Using Online Interactive Tools for Engagement”

[:en]Twitter for student engagement[:]

[:en] CCBY It’s sometimes tempting to dismiss Twitter as a place for Justin Bieber to share what he had for breakfast. It can, though, be so much more than that. Some of you may already be using Twitter to connect with colleagues, organisations and professionals in your field, to support your CPD and stay up-to-dateContinue reading “[:en]Twitter for student engagement[:]”