[:en]Using Social Media at Conferences #LTHEchat[:]

[:en]#LTHEchat and #HEAchat with Prof. Simon Lancaster and Sue Beckingham Wednesday 27 Jan 2016 at 8pm The #LTHEchat collaborates with the HEA chat for the first time this Wednesday on the topic of ‘The four dimensional conference: using social media at conferences’. Taking us through the evening will be Professor Simon Lancaster and Sue Beckingham. Whether it is for networking,Continue reading “[:en]Using Social Media at Conferences #LTHEchat[:]”

Anti-social behaviour ?

Learning technologists (the ones you read the blogs of) are an odd little group.  In some ways many of them provide a valuable service to all of us working with technology and learning but in other ways some of them only really serve as an emetic. There seem to be two things that learning technologistsContinue reading “Anti-social behaviour ?”

Practical Advice for Teaching with Twitter

This interesting post from the Prof Hacker blog in the Chronicle of Higher Education discusses how you might use Twitter in your teaching. The assumption is that students will be expected to contribute to an ongoing class discussion, which might not be how you’d want to do things, but for all that it contains usefulContinue reading “Practical Advice for Teaching with Twitter”

Alternatives to Ning

A brief survey of alternatives to Ning with comments. Please feel free to extend the list. Cloud Hosted The following were recommended by JP in a discussion “The Best, Most Reliable and Trusted Freemium Social Network Alternatives.” on the Ning Creators community site. I haven’t tried any of them. Ning – paradoxically, the paid-for versionContinue reading “Alternatives to Ning”

A Beginner's Guide to Social Engineering (the Slides)

Cross posted from Fresh and Crispy Today I presented a “Lunch and Learn Session” to colleagues at our Staff Development Unit. Here are the slides which are hosted at Google Docs. The creation of a Ning network for SALT was a highlight of the session, and unfortunately that bit is not in the presentation, butContinue reading “A Beginner's Guide to Social Engineering (the Slides)”