Equipment for remote teaching

  Equipment for remote teaching When teaching online, recording videos, and communicating with students it is important to consider the audio and video quality to ensure that your instructional content is accessible to students in a consistent and high quality format. A good quality headset will block a lot of background noise and bring focusContinue reading “Equipment for remote teaching”

52etc – Toolkit for Student Engagement

[:en]Providing 52 different options for engaging students within your teaching session, whether that is online or face to face, these cards can be used individually and / or …[:]

Teaching Online – series of 11 video episodes on YouTube

[:en]The Teaching Online series of episodes on YouTube shares 11 short videos (approx. 3mins each) presented by Dave Cormier. Dave Cormier is an educational activist, researcher and online community advocate. These videos serve as guiding principles for teaching online.[:]

A menu of practical lesson activities in e-learning mode – Lesson Closures Video 3 of 30 min Webinar Series

[:en]This video introduces you to sample lesson closure activities and the importance of allowing sufficient time and planning for them. It explores developing creative closures, identifying what you know, what would you like to know …[:]

A menu of practical lesson activities in e-learning mode – Main Activities Video 2 of 30 min Webinar Series

[:en]In this video you will learn about the main activities you could include such as, exploiting live documents in e-learning, adapting a clinical communication model for e-learning, using podcasts, low resource classrooms …[:]

A menu of practical lesson activities in e-learning mode – Lesson Starters Video 1 of 30 min Webinar Series

[:en]This first video is part of the series: ‘A menu of practical lesson activities in e-learning mode’. If you would like some practical ideas for activities …[:]

What would be good ‘week 1’ activities to start the Unit / Term? – Fast e-learning switch – Video series

[:en]This short videos shares a visual “brainstorm” of suitable activities that could be used to start a unit or a term with your students. Virna Rossi discusses her approach across several areas including; keeping it simple with low tech solutions, flip it …[:]

Introduction to the series – Fast e-learning switch

[:en]First in a video series to help academic staff make the “fast switch to e-learning” in response to the challenges presented through this COVID-19 epidemic. This is an introduction to the approach in a series of videos …[:]