52etc – Toolkit for Student Engagement


December – Engaging learners: Any time? Any place? Anyhow? | Advance HE (advance-he.ac.uk)

Image of some toolsProviding 52 different options for engaging students within your teaching session, whether that is online or face to face, these cards can be used individually and/or in combination with the others, as appropriate. The toolkit is underpinned by a review report with supporting pedagogical references. Published December 2020.

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ABC Learning Design



ABC Learning Design WheelABC is a very practical curriculum / course development method, originating in UCL and used successfully in Universities worldwide (including Swansea). The method has a strong foundation in learning theory and can produce dramatic and powerful results in a short space of time. Both online and (virus permitting) face to face workshops are run at Swansea and here you can find information on these and a wide range of resources.

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The changing landscape of assessment



Image of a landscapeSome possible replacements for unseen, time-constrained, face-to-face invigilated exams. Professor Kay Sambell, Edinburgh Napier University and Professor Sally Brown, Independent consultant.

Targetted and informative document which considers both emergency plans for unseen, time-constrained, invigilated exams to be undertaken remotely and other assessments that are normally undertaken on-site but which couldn’t be held due to lockdown. Whilst the emergency planning phase is now over, this still offers solutions which could be applied for future planning. The aim of the document is to help those who are currently planning for a phased, socially-distanced and gradual return to campus. It includes a comparative table of pros and cons of alternative forms of assessment.

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