Research in Learning Technology now open access

Research in Learning Technology is the journal of the Association for Learning Technology and is now open access so that access, including back issues, is now available free of charge. The journal aims to raise the profile of research in learning technology, encouraging research that informs good practice and contributes to the development of policy.Continue reading “Research in Learning Technology now open access”

Breakin' Up Is Hard To Do ?

Teaching and research can sometimes be slightly uncomfortable bedfellows, especially at institutions who pride themselves on their research. Learning and teaching can be viewed rather as the poor relation – albeit one that lives in the same house, has its name on the deeds and pays most of the mortgage. The idea then of aContinue reading “Breakin' Up Is Hard To Do ?”

Social media: A guide for researchers

“Social media is an important technological trend that has big implications for how researchers (and people in general) communicate and collaborate. Researchers have a huge amount to gain from engaging with social media in various aspects of their work. This guide has been produced by the International Centre for Guidance Studies, and aims to provideContinue reading “Social media: A guide for researchers”

Free eBook: Emerging Technologies in Distance Education.

This new eBook from Athabasca University looks at a whole series of emerging technologies for distance education. Incidentally, it contains a Chapter by Rita Kop on the TRIO Project in DACE.The blurb for the book call it a ” one-stop knowledge resource, Emerging Technologies in Distance Education showcases the international work of research scholars andContinue reading “Free eBook: Emerging Technologies in Distance Education.”

Linking Research and Teaching

A series of papers, Linking research and teaching in Wales, edited by Simon K Haslett (York: Higher Education Academy, 2010) is now available [pdf]. There are three Swansea University papers: David Gill, ‘Collecting Egyptian Antiquity’, considering the use of Web 2.0 technologies in MA modules. Kasia Szpakowska, ‘Problems and practice in ancient Egyptian material culture’Continue reading “Linking Research and Teaching”

Multitasking, schmultitasking?

Are you good at multitasking? Hmmm….. really? According to researchers at Stanford, you may be kidding yourself. “The low multitaskers did great………The high multitaskers were doing worse and worse the further they went along…….They couldn’t help thinking about the task they weren’t doing” You can find out more here

How to Use Social Software in Higher Education

As noted in Alan Cann’s Science of the Invisible, EU funded funded project iCamp has published a handbook on “How to Use Social Software in Higher Education” and it’ll be on my “to read list” over the Easter break. The iCamp site itself looks to be worth monitoring.

Research Techniques and Tools – The Presentation

This is the Flowgram for my upcoming presentation on Research Techniques and Tools that was mentioned in the previous post. I will be presenting this to level 3 engineering students at 5.00 pm on Thursday 16th October in the Faraday Lecture Theatre (and you are welcome to come along) but as promised, I thought thatContinue reading “Research Techniques and Tools – The Presentation”

Research Tools and Techniques – The Bookmarks

I am currently working on a new Flowgram about Research Tools and Techiques aimed at Level 3 Research Disssertation students in Engineering. As part of this, I am creating a set of delicious bookmarks of the sites that I will be presenting. If you’d like to check out what I have so far please visitContinue reading “Research Tools and Techniques – The Bookmarks”