Life-Long Learning and Adult Education

For the beginning of a new year, and especially in the light of all that is happening around COVID, I want us to start a debate within the University on the nature, purpose, and delivery of life-long learning. What is it that we really want to do in this space, what should we do, andContinue reading “Life-Long Learning and Adult Education”

The Value of Role Models

Over the last few weeks there have been a number of events that have focused on the idea of the role model. The Gutsy Welsh Women event featuring Hilary and Chelsea Clinton’s latest book brought together a small number of prominent women to discuss their own experiences and the need for role models (among otherContinue reading “The Value of Role Models”

[:en]Thoughts from Thessaloniki 2[:]

[:en]It now seems some time since I travelled around Greece at Easter, ending at Thessaloniki for a week. In my last blog I wrote about genocide. The other issue that struck me particularly during this trip was the way in which different museums choose to engage with their publics. Greece has some truly wonderful museums,Continue reading “[:en]Thoughts from Thessaloniki 2[:]”

[:en]The Gift of Inclusivity[:]

[:en] What did you get for Christmas? Among all the shoes, books, hand knitted jumpers, umbrellas and chocolates, I received one gift just before Christmas that was very different from all the others. I was asked if I would be happy to receive an inclusivity badge from the University. This is a real honour andContinue reading “[:en]The Gift of Inclusivity[:]”

Measuring Excellence in Learning and Teaching

On Wednesday of last week, I had the pleasure of attending an event at which many of the winners of our Excellence in Learning and Teaching Awards (ELTA) for 2018 gave short presentations on their work. It was a very inspiring event and I was asked to provide an introduction outlining how the ELTA awards,Continue reading “Measuring Excellence in Learning and Teaching”

The Beginning of a New Academic Year

[:en]We are once again at the beginning of a new academic year, my fourth here in Swansea, and we are expecting all the students back very soon. Fresher’s week is planned and many of us are thinking about the teaching that will be starting in the next few weeks (if it has not already started!).Continue reading “The Beginning of a New Academic Year”

Meeting Student Expectations 8: Reducing Student Stress

[:en]All the issues that I have raised so far could, in theory, be introduced by any programme across the University who wished to move in that direction within the next academic year. We own the rules and regulations. We can change them to make some of these more experimental approaches possible. We would need toContinue reading “Meeting Student Expectations 8: Reducing Student Stress”

Meeting Student Expectations 7: Personalisation, Diversity and Inclusivity

[:en]While digital technology has the potential to change the way in which students access knowledge, and the way in which we, as academics, engage with them in learning, it also presents a number of other opportunities and challenges. Most significantly, it allows us to use the growing expertise in big data, personalisation and artificial intelligenceContinue reading “Meeting Student Expectations 7: Personalisation, Diversity and Inclusivity”

Meeting Student Expectations 6: The Student Journey

[:en]I joined Birmingham University in the early 1990s just as they were embarking on modularisation. It took colleagues some time to get their heads around what that meant for the programme and for their own teaching. It was my role at the time to begin to rethink the undergraduate programme in a way that reflectedContinue reading “Meeting Student Expectations 6: The Student Journey”