[:en]Learning through Games – reflections on the SALT Conference 2017[:]

[:en] Image: CC0 Public domain courtesy of https://pixabay.com/en/cube-colorful-transparent-mirroring-769344/ The SALT Conference 2017 was yesterday and we’re still on a high after the excellent range of posters, presentation and workshops.  We’re encouraging you whether you participated, presented or Chaired a session to reflect on the sessions you were at and identify how your practice might beContinue reading “[:en]Learning through Games – reflections on the SALT Conference 2017[:]”

[:en]Using Social Media at Conferences #LTHEchat[:]

[:en]#LTHEchat and #HEAchat with Prof. Simon Lancaster and Sue Beckingham Wednesday 27 Jan 2016 at 8pm The #LTHEchat collaborates with the HEA chat for the first time this Wednesday on the topic of ‘The four dimensional conference: using social media at conferences’. Taking us through the evening will be Professor Simon Lancaster and Sue Beckingham. Whether it is for networking,Continue reading “[:en]Using Social Media at Conferences #LTHEchat[:]”