SAILS Community of Practice for staff supporting students with disabilities

[:en]I recently attended a SAILS community of practice meeting for staff supporting students with disabilities. I attend these meeting regularly, and they are open to all staff interested in developing a more inclusive practice. I attend not only for my own CPD, but also to offer any support that I feel that we here atContinue reading “SAILS Community of Practice for staff supporting students with disabilities”

Looking Back, Facing Forward (2)

[:en] Following on from a blog post that we (SALT) created in January 2016 on New Year’s Resolutions, and given the changes that have taken place in 2017, here in SALT we thought it might be a good idea for some of us to reflect on what we’ve achieved in 2017 and what we hopeContinue reading “Looking Back, Facing Forward (2)”

Looking Back, Facing Forward – 2018 New Year Blog

[:en]Here in SALT, we thought we’d take a leaf out of PVC Stringer’s book and work on some New Year’s resolutions ourselves.  Kicking off the blog posts is one of our newer team members, Rhian Ellis with her reflections on 2017 and what she’s hoping to achieve in 2018. What have I achieved? In SeptemberContinue reading “Looking Back, Facing Forward – 2018 New Year Blog”

[:en]Looking for inspiration in your teaching?[:]

[:en]A while ago, I came across a website (via twitter, incidentally) called Learning Wheel.  This particular site is a community site where you can collaborate and share resources or technology that can be used to enhance your teaching or professional development. Each wheel is split into 4 sections and each section has a series ofContinue reading “[:en]Looking for inspiration in your teaching?[:]”

Learning Innovation Group – a place for learning and innovation?

[:en] Being part of the SALT (Swansea Academy for Learning and Teaching) team at Swansea University has its perks, some more obvious than others. Having attended a meeting of the Learning Innovation Group (LIG) yesterday, I was reminded of some of the reasons I love the job that I do.  I’ll admit, I’m not aContinue reading “Learning Innovation Group – a place for learning and innovation?”

Modernising Classroom Training with Technology

[:en]Those of you who are followers of learning technology will probably have heard of Jane Hart of Top 100 tools fame.  A few of us within the SALT Team follow her blogs and tweets and given that we are looking to improve on our CPD provision, a recent workshop that she ran, “Modernising Classroom TrainingContinue reading “Modernising Classroom Training with Technology”

Getting Dirty with Xerte

[:en]Having returned from leave to be greeted with “You have the most popular session of the month”, suffice to say I was rather nervous! However, after 7 months of blood, sweat and tears, Xerte is finally up and running here in Swansea.  The purpose of today’s session was to explain what Xerte is, what itContinue reading “Getting Dirty with Xerte”

It’s Wednesday so it must be Bristol……

It’s Wednesday so it must be Bristol and the Heads of E-Learning Forum or Helf as its known to its friends. Helf according to its website is, ‘a network of senior staff in institutions engaged in promoting, supporting and developing technology enhanced learning. We have over 125 nominated Heads from UK Higher Education institutions andContinue reading “It’s Wednesday so it must be Bristol……”

Building our comunity of practice?

Chris Jobling has been exploring ways of enhancing the Community of Practice we have around learning & teaching and has suggested we run some regularish lunch time sessions in a similar vein to Bitly The idea is not to run training session or a full on seminar. At Bitly “we gather together … overContinue reading “Building our comunity of practice?”

Twitter Community List

If you visit the Swansea Learning Lab blog regularly, you may have noticed the Learning Lab on Twitter feature at the right (if you are reading this in a Feed reader, please visit the live blog page now!). At the moment this shows the top 4 “tweets” posted by @swanlearninglab and it is generated fromContinue reading “Twitter Community List”