Facilitating #BYOD4L Bring Your Own Device for Learning

[:en]Last week I had the pleasure of being part of the volunteer organising team helping to deliver and facilitate the #BYOD4L Bring your own device for learning online course.   Along with Sheila MacNeill from Glasgow Caledonian University, Neil Withnell from the University of Salford, Alex Spiers from Liverpool University and Suzanne Faulkner from the University ofContinue reading “Facilitating #BYOD4L Bring Your Own Device for Learning”

[:en]Make One Change – Using Flubaroo to mark Google Form Quiz[:]

[:en] In September 2015, I somewhat nervously attended one of our IT Sessions on using Google as a learning and teaching resource hosted by Chris Jobling, the SALT Lead in the College of Engineering.  As someone on the middle of the technophobe/technophile continuum, I hadn’t really got a handle on the various google tools, and wasContinue reading “[:en]Make One Change – Using Flubaroo to mark Google Form Quiz[:]”

Changing the Learning Lab

Since the formation of SALT the question has arisen as to what sort of web presence it should have. A static information site? A community driven site? Part of the main university site? How does this debate impact on the Learning Lab? Should all learning and teaching support be in one place? How do weContinue reading “Changing the Learning Lab”

Reflecting on Research Blog Readership

I thought it would be interesting to see how many people use RSS subscriptions for blogs in my research area. This means that my research blog (Looting Matters) has a solid core of readers in addition to those who visit it via the web or have the posts emailed to them. (This blog, Swansea LearningContinue reading “Reflecting on Research Blog Readership”