[:en]September IT Month 2016 – Enhancing Teaching, Learning and Assessment[:]

[:en]From September 8th through to October 7th there’s a comprehensive and exciting array of lunch-time seminars available to help staff at Swansea Make One Change, and have a go at using some technology to enhance your approach to learning, teaching or assessment and supporting student engagement. Have a look at what’s on offer! The sessionsContinue reading “[:en]September IT Month 2016 – Enhancing Teaching, Learning and Assessment[:]”

[:en]Flipping classroom! Another small step to trying something new[:]

[:en] In my (hopefully) improving skills in supporting learning and teaching of staff at Swansea, I decided to try something else new this week.  I had a go at recording part of my presentation for participants to review before the class so that we could discuss the topic briefly at the teaching session; this would alsoContinue reading “[:en]Flipping classroom! Another small step to trying something new[:]”

[:en]Make One Change – Using Flubaroo to mark Google Form Quiz[:]

[:en] In September 2015, I somewhat nervously attended one of our IT Sessions on using Google as a learning and teaching resource hosted by Chris Jobling, the SALT Lead in the College of Engineering.  As someone on the middle of the technophobe/technophile continuum, I hadn’t really got a handle on the various google tools, and wasContinue reading “[:en]Make One Change – Using Flubaroo to mark Google Form Quiz[:]”

[:en]What Louise saw through the Looking glass….reflections on a CPD event[:]

[:en]Reflection. We are encouraged to ‘reflect’ on our experiences, our behaviour, our progress over the year…what does this actually mean? Read my Reflection in Pebble+ …… Reflections on a Recent CPD Sessions[:]

HEA Fellowship Recognition

After months of planning, yesterday witnessed an extremely successful series of events to recognise the achievements and contributions of HEA Fellows from across Wales, but in particular those at Swansea University. A celebratory lunch for 40 Senior and Principal Fellows across Wales, including several at Swansea – Lynne Walsh (SHHS), Steve McVeigh (COAH) and IanContinue reading “HEA Fellowship Recognition”

September Events..whats on this week?

[:en]This week’s SaltIT sessions begin tomorrow (Tuesday 29th) with Stuart Henderson as he explains about using the on-line marking and feedback tool, Grademark.   Stuart will show you how to edit and mark student’s work online with GradeMark®. You can use GradeMark to grade student’s written work (i.e. papers, essays, thesis, powerpoint files), non-written workContinue reading “September Events..whats on this week?”