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A guide to disconnecting when needed…

We are all guilty of not being able to switch off from work sometimes. This can be even more so when we have apps such as Outlook and Teams downloaded on our mobile phones, notifying us every hour of the day, even on weekends. But what is this doing to our wellbeing? It is very important to remember to set boundaries with the digital world, and this includes turning off your notifications!

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams offers different ways to access, receive, and manage notifications. These settings include how, when, and where your notifications appear, custom settings for channels and chat, appearance and sounds, turning off specific messages, and so on.

To manage your notifications, select Settings and more  in the top right of Teams, then select Settings   > Notifications  .

Top tip: completely turn of all notifications if you’re on a holiday or just some well needed time off from work, and switch them back on when you return to work. 



Schedule your notifications on Outlooks and take charge of your quiet times. Having notifications of emails from Outlook on your days off can be very annoying, or distracting if you’re trying to get work done!

The settings process for managing Outlook notifications will differ depending on what device you use.

Outlook Do Not Disturb feature:

You can even schedule when you’d like Do Not Disturb to be enabled:



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