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Composite image, two profile heads facing each other, overlaid in front of a bookshelfThe Teaching Online series of episodes on YouTube shares 11 short videos (approx. 3mins each) presented by Dave Cormier. Dave Cormier is an educational activist, researcher and online community advocate. These videos serve as guiding principles for teaching online. It comprises of the following episodes:

  1. Moving to teaching online is not a technology problem
  2. Teaching online is about information abundance
  3. Complicated vs. Complex
  4. Learning to evaluate good/bad information on the internet is a core literacy
  5. Pedagogies of care
  6. Thinking of content as teacher presence
  7. Keep it simple
  8. Keep it equitable and accessible
  9. Keep it engaging
  10. Designing for what the web can do for you
  11. Gather together

These episodes are talking head videos, where Dave shares some of his insights into each area. There are no demonstrations of specific tools or examples included, the videos deal more with principles.

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2 thoughts on “Teaching Online – series of 11 video episodes on YouTube

  1. I found these really helpful for stepping back from the scary technical issues of on-line teaching and just thinking about how we should be teaching in a world where information surrounds us constantly. Don’t be put of by the 11-videos, they are just a few minutes each, about half an hour to watch them all.

  2. Really enjoyed these videos. The abundance of online information can be controlled by asking students the right questions and guiding them into the right research. Taking time to care is also a very good point. VLE helps but is only a tool. Have a look at these videos and you may not feel so isolated and team up when you can to get your online teaching out there with minimum stress.

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