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Blackboard & Canvas (not quite ready)

Group of people working together with a laptop and note padThe whole TEL Course on Blackboard and Canvas is useful generally to support all areas of learning and Teaching online. It includes a range of material which spans more of the topics in the Resources for Teaching including many Creative Commons external resources and links as well as Swansea Universities guidelines and support. There is a whole section on Connect, Communicate and Collaborate which provides a range of tools and activities designed to help you practise with asynchronous and synchronous learning and Teaching methods. You can work through the activities at your own pace, engaging fully with all the activities in this section will enable you to experience online learning for yourself, and this will give you a wealth of detail to draw upon and some practical ideas to challenge your students.

You will need to request access (from SALT) to the Blackboard Resource until July 2020. The Canvas resource is still in development, but will be ready soon.

(Swansea Resource)