What’s on this week?

[:en]This week’s SaltIT sessions begin tomorrow with Patricia Xavier as she shows how to turn mobile phones from distraction to attraction in your lectures. The session is to be based on the Salt conference session Using student devices to enhance engagement. If you would like to attend, you will need to bring a device to ensure that you get the most from the session.


Wednesday is another BlackBoard session. This week’s session with Mandy Jack looks at the use of Campus Pack to help you create flexible learning environments for you and your students, as they say on the CampusPack website “Extend your online learning environment with social, modular, integrated apps”.  Again, if you are planning to attend this session you will get more out of it if you bring a laptop or mobile device.

Edge Hill University has a great video that will give you an overview of what to expect from Campus Pack.

On Thursday Simon Gibbon demonstrates eStream software.  This session will show how easy the software is to use to record teaching session, and how to deploy the recording within Blackboard for students to view. The session will also discuss other uses for the software within a learning and teaching context. Read come case studies if you are still to be convinced http://www.planetestream.co.uk/casestudies.aspx.



Book a place with Eventbrite the sessions are in CD201 starting at 12 each day. They are all streamed live and archived for viewing later. Catch updates on Twitter #susaltit or interact with the live sessions #susaltlive[:]

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