Moodle 2 – A summary of a summary anyone … ?

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A summary of Martin Dougiamas talking about Moodle developments.

Click here to view.

For those of you who don’t have time to read the summary, the most interesting bits are:

  • Certainty based marking. Right and certain – best marks.  Wrong, but less certain – lose, but lose less …  Lots of development in quizzes …
  • Mobile a hugely important area.  Many mobile apps for Moodle coming out.  Most of them work in different ways !  Officially developed app can talk to Moodle directly, securely.  Different apps – press a button, make a phone call, send a message …  iPhone and Android in development.
  • Trying to implement better SCORM support.
  • Hubs …   Community hubs, pay hubs, private hubs.  Sharing courses (downloadable as Moodle Backups) and sharing communities of practice.  You connect your Moodle to a hub and search.

    This will surely only grow …

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