5 thoughts on “Are you delicious?

  1. Chris it would be useful to give a quick guide to joining the network. I have been busily adding for:swansealearninglab tags to my existing bookmarks, but they won’t show up until you add my alias (cpjobling) to the network. It’s not that clear how you get to be a member in del.icio.us itself!

  2. Another though … is there a way to auto-post the tags from this blog to del.icio.us on submission? That would be a nice feature…

  3. Chris J – I’ve updated the ‘People’ page http://learninglab.swan.ac.uk/people.html

    The feed is from the ‘Links for You’ page so should be updated automatically when you add a bookmark for swansealearninglab. I think I still need to go in and manually add people to the network as my understanding is that you can become a fan of a someone but they have to make you part of their network. What do you think?

  4. @chris hall, you’re right. Fans can see the links that are posted to a network but to be really a sharing site, you need to also be a member of the network and as you say, only the network owner can add members. However, once added, anyone can share a bookmark with the community by adding the for:swansealeaninglab tag to any tagged bookmark.

    Incidentally, the mass of bookmarks that have appeared on the http://learninglab.swan.ac.uk/people.html page are existing bookmarks that I thought were relevant to the network. I haven’t really done all that surfing today!

  5. The “simplest” way to bookmark a blog posting that I’ve found so far is with Flock. Flock, a social web browser, has a feature that lets you save favourites off-line and also on-line via del.icio.us. Just press the “big orange star”.

    Flock also has a built-in blog-post editor. Thus, the work flow is write a post, add some tags (include for:swansealearninglab), copy the tags to the clipboard, post. Go to the newly posted blog entry, press the favourites button, write a quick summary of your post (optional), paste the copied tags into the tags field. Submit. Now you have a blog post and it’s tagged in del.icio.us for the community.

    It would be nice if Flock’s blog editor automatically bookmarked your tagged posts in del.icio.us for you, but maybe there are third-party plug-ins that will do that for you.

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